Freya at Samhain – Winter Nights

Blessed Full Moon and Gaia’s mercy to the east coast tonight!

As my second Druid holiday ritual approaches and I ready things for Samhain, I cannot forget my deeper connection to Freya at this time of year. Nor can I neglect Winter Nights as part of my wider Celtic and Viking heritage.

I began to explore this theme in 2009 when I was a guest blogger for Mrs. B during her 31 Days of Halloween. Reading the older entry, written when I was incredibly ill and working on my Master’s thesis is interesting. I’m so upbeat in it, my attempt to be positive in as many areas of my life back then as I could. You can check it out here. Finding the link was difficult since the blog moved to Patheos and the date is wrong. It says 2001!

Tomorrow, I will do a new version of this original post with more depth. I will focus on two aspects of Freya, love and death. Both of these aspects are historically present in our celebration of Halloween. We seem to seek out romance and sex as this time of year confronts us with death and loss. Primal stuff.

For now, I leave you with herons! The Bad Witch wrote about the association of Freya and herons earlier this month.

This alerted me to a connection that I had been unaware of, having focused on Freya and cats for the past few years.

It was also interesting because on my spiritually focused nature walks I had recently begun to see a large heron. The first time I saw this bird and tried to get a photograph, the heron rushed away and settled farther down the banks of the lake. Next, I saw the heron sitting on an old floating dock, still quite far from me.

This weekend, the heron was sitting boldly on the cement pier at the lake. I was able to get incredibly close and photograph the bird without disturbing it.


As I hiked deeper into the forest and away from the bird I heard its incredibly strange voice. By the time I hiked back, the heron was long gone.



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