The Orphaned Tree

ficus benjamina indoor garden apartment garden indoor tree potted tree ficusLook who has joined my sacred grove!

A few weeks ago a tree appeared outside. It was left near a drain vent on the sidewalk. The first day I was merely curious as to when it would leave. By the second day, I began to wonder why it was still outside. On the third day I left a note on the pot asking if the tree needed a new home. A few hours later a young woman came to my door and told me I could have it. I complimented her mystical looking Cancer sign tattoo, made sure she really didn’t want this tree, and then like a gleeful Druid gently pulled and prodded the big pot along the sidewalk and into my home.

Some part of me feels like I manifested this tree. I would sit on the floor and look at my other plants and imagine a huge potted tree sitting in front of the window. Right now I can’t afford furniture, let alone purchase something as expensive as a potted tree. However, I envisioned it, innocently. Many years ago, I knew a woman who had several large trees inside of her apartment. It was pure magic, a bit of the wild inside. I would think of her garden-like living room as I stared at the bare space in front of my window.

So when this tree appeared outside, even on day one, I began to dream that it would be mine.

Now this Ficus Benjamina is a happy part of our home and I consider her my sacred Druidic grove.

In the future, I hope to add a small statue to her pot. Perhaps, for Yule I will gently festoon her branches with light decorations. Sometime, I may tie a prayer ribbon to her.

For now, we are getting to know each other. Now, excuse me while I go meditate under my new love.

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One Response to The Orphaned Tree

  1. SpidrGoddess says:

    My house has many house plants and a tree as well. When the tree was gifted to me it was very magickal. She came into our home and became a guardian, to the plants as well as my family. I am so happy that you manifested a tree for your space!

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