Liebster Award

Many thanks to Brenna Adaira of The Raven and the Oak for nominating me for the Liebster award. This is a blogging award for blogs with under 200 followers. How cool! I’ve been a longtime reader of Brenna’s blog and recommend it. Hurray for Druidry!

liebster-awardAs part of this, I have ten questions to answer. Please also find my nominees at the end of this post. Thanks!

1: What activity makes you lose track of time?

This is a good question with a very simple answer: video gaming. That’s why I don’t do it more often! I can get lost in Warcraft, Pokemon, you name it.

2: What makes you smile?

My cats.

3: What are 3 ‘nevers’ in your life?

I never eat wheat or gluten due to celiac disease. I never eat meat. I never drink Gin because I hate it.

4: When was the last time you tried something new?

Probably weekly, or almost daily. I like to try new vegan, gluten-free foods, teas, and drinks. I learn a new crafting skill on a seasonal basis. At least once a week I go somewhere new thanks to living in huge city now.

5: If you could choose one mandatory book for all high school students to read, what would you choose and why?

This is such a hard question, but it has to be something feminist because our culture is so broken by the patriarchy. Right now I’m reading a great book called The Athena Doctrine by Michael D’Antonio. It’s about how stereotypically or culturally coded “feminine” skills and ways of thinking are crucial to changing the world, and how this is already being done in some countries.

6: Can you describe your life in a 6-word sentence?

Idealistic pessimist seeks daily enchantment, peace.

7: If you could ask one person (dead or alive) one question, who would you ask and what would your question be?

I would love to sit down with Hypatia and ask her about her mathematical theories.

8: What is the meaning of ‘peace’ to you?

Harmony amongst others and the earth.

9: What is your earliest childhood memory?

My father coming in my room with cat puppets and making them dance around while singing.

10: What three questions do you wish you knew the answer to?

When will my husband get a better job. What else can I do to improve our current situation. Why are my cats so sleepy!

NOMINATIONS: (Some of these have around 200 followers  and others , I don’t know. So, I might be breaking the rules. I also may add a few more people when I have time. Hehe!)

Elf Kat

Spider Goddess

Woven Magick

10 Questions:

  1. If you could grow any plant or tree, what would it be. Why?
  2. What was your last volunteer experience like?
  3. Would you rather eat a dessert covered in gold leaf or edible flowers?
  4. What are you three favorite musical albums?
  5. Do you prefer books on tape, podcasts, or regular radio shows? Why?
  6. Where would you like to take your next vacation?
  7. What is a famous piece of art that you have seen in person?
  8. How can your community improve?
  9. When going to sleep at night, do you imagine things, meditate, or something else?
  10. When would you like to retire?
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